Christmas wallpaper | 10 Free Christmas Desktop Wallpaper 2014 - Wiknix

Christmas wallpaper | 10 Free <b>Christmas</b> Desktop <b>Wallpaper</b> 2014 - Wiknix

10 Free <b>Christmas</b> Desktop <b>Wallpaper</b> 2014 - Wiknix

Posted: 09 Dec 2014 09:46 PM PST

Download free christmas desktop wallpaper 2014 and decorate your desktop. Check out the best free christmas desktop wallpaper. Christmas is a biggest holiday season in the world. Here I listed 10 free christmas desktop wallpaper 2014 that helps you to decorate your desktop and computers with awesome christmas wallpapers. Here I find the latest and new wallpapers that will free to download. There are many websites providing free wallpapers but there are too many images and you are not able to see all wallpapers, here I listed after check all most popular christmas wallpaper and then added to this list. So check this out 10 free christmas desktop wallpaper 2014.

christmas desktop wallpaper-1

Beautiful Christmas Tree is the best christmas tree desktop wallpaper. Beautiful Christmas Tree is a good wallpaper for your desktop this christmas 2014. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-2

This wallpaper is my favorite wallpaper and I already set this on my desktop. Christmas Snow Trees are a cool and beautiful Christmas wallpaper that will decorate your desktop without any doubt. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-3

A Light In The Darkness is a best christmas desktop wallpaper with awesome lights, christmas tree and snow falls. Lights are growing up in the dark and this wallpaper is one of the best christmas wallpaper. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-4

December Frost is a superb christmas desktop wallpaper with whiting snow effects. December Frost is a cool your desktop this christmas 2014. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-5

Christmas Magic is a beautiful christmas desktop wallpaper with awesome editing. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-6

Christmas Tree Outside is a cool and beautiful christmas desktop wallpaper with awesome christmas tree and snow. The snow with lighting effects are making this wallpaper awesome. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-7

Merry Christmas New is a beautiful red Christmas desktop wallpaper with a merry Christmas message and Christmas tree. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-8

Christmas and New Year is a both new year 2015 and christmas desktop wallpaper look like handmade christmas drawing wallpaper. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-9

Beautiful Christmas Tree Design is a beautiful christmas tree desktop wallpaper with cool green colors and effects. Download Wallpaper Here.

christmas desktop wallpaper-10

December Goodies is a our last and best Christmas desktop wallpaper with bunch of December goodies. So download your favorite wallpapers and celebrate christmas with full of joy and prosperity. Download Wallpaper Here.

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Live <b>Christmas Wallpaper</b> free download android apk -

Posted: 12 Dec 2014 09:56 PM PST

Live Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas is just about here. Also our Live Christmas wallpaper application is practically done. Gladly reporting that you can now enrich your telephone home screen with high determination live wallpapers and it is free of expense. Client can download or set these wallpaper specifically on their telephone. There is no need of additional aptitudes to learn for working wallpaper application. Everything you need to span down and select the best HD picture for the home screen.

We utilize Google API for selecting pictures from diverse assets. The Christmas wallpapers applications permit client to investigate different classifications for more pictures. More pictures are accessible for HD nature wallpapers, HD Birds and HD New year wallpapers.

Other than having huge amounts of pictures the wallpaper application just takes 4 Mega bytes of telephone memory. In spite of the fact that it chips away at Android gadget with 2.3 and upper OS form. Christmas application contain pictures for

Santa Clause, Santa tree, Santa Tree Decoration, Christmas blessings and a lot of people more. Investigate this application before the landing of Christmas celebration.


Muteage Download

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Merry Everything… Watermelon <b>wallpaper</b> for computer + iPhone <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Dec 2014 02:44 PM PST


Merry Everything…

Seeing as there's only 17 days until Christmas…

I thought you  might like to get festive with this FREE Watermelon Christmas Tree Wallpaper download for your computer or iPhone.

There's an iPad version too, if you want to go crazy.

This is what my desktop looks like…

(It's not always this tidy, though)


Download the Merry Everything (Watermelon) Christmas wallpaper below.

Desktop 2560 x 1440

Desktop 1900 x 1200

Desktop 1280 x 1024

Desktop 1400 x 990

iPhone 5


Don't know your Desktop screen size?

To find your Desktop screen size head here

It will tell you straight away, with just one click.

Then save the image to your camera roll or desktop on a computer.

Head to settings or personalisation and choose the wallpaper option.

Choose the correct desktop screen size above for the best results.

Here are a few links to show you how to add the wallpaper to a Mac, PC and iPhone in more detail.

How to change Mac wallpapers

How to change PC wallpapers

How to change iPhone wallpapers

What does your office space look like?

I'd love to see if you use the watermelon wallpaper for your computer,

or even if you've decorated your desk with some other Christmas cheer.

Post a pic in Instagram and use the use the hastag #tomfomerryeverything

and spread a bit of merry in the office or at home.

Have a great week guys,

Merry Everything!

Live with Love,


Oh and here's a pic if you fancy pinning this to Pinterest for later.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the image to pin)


PS. If you need to keep your family organised for 2015, (January is just around the corner) check out my 2015 family organiser calendar in my shop it's got 6 columns so you can keep track of everyone in the family and comes with 368 stickers.


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