Tree Ribbons Decorating a Christmas

The significance of a Christmas tree differs for every individual and so do their decoration themes. Snow, candy, Santa are probably the most common themes. As against this backdrop, one can try some innovative ideas. How about some craft with ribbon? It is budget-friendly, quick, and beautiful. The best part is, you can also use the conventional tree ornaments after you have decorated your tree with ribbon.
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is one of the most celebrated Christmas trees in the world. The tree is usually 20 to 30 m tall and has been exclusively decorated since 1933. The tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller Center is a star-studded event.

~ Firstly, you need to decide the theme so that you can buy a ribbon accordingly.
~ To avoid extra work, make a list of the different types of ribbons and related accessories which you would need and buy them at one go.
~ When actually decorating, the first step is to apply some wilt resistant spray on the tree so that the tree needles stay fresh for a couple of weeks.
~ Next you can do the lighting, buy small LED lights or some easy and good quality light fixtures for the Christmas tree. Fix the lights properly into the dense branches so that they do not appear too bright or too dull.
~ Now comes the step of putting up the ribbons. For this, you can use common sticky tape or glue, alternatively, you can just place the ribbon around the leaves in such a manner, that it bears the weight and does not slip down.
~ Finally, when you are done with the placement of the tree, lights, and ribbon, proceed to the decor of the Christmas tree by putting in some ornaments. Tinsel, candy canes, bauble (Christmas ball), blown glass ornaments, the list is never-ending and versatile.

If you do not wish to spend on ornaments, try using some homemade ornaments like paper crafts, colored pine cones, candies, etc. When decorating with ribbon, there are some things that should be considered. One of them being the color scheme and the theme of the Christmas tree. Planning and executing on time will help you to bring about the beauty.

It goes without saying that the ribbon size and length depends upon the size of the Christmas tree itself. For instance, if the tree is 4 to 5 feet tall, then the size of the ribbon needed is approximately 36 to 40 feet.

Start at the back of the tree, swag the ribbons near the bottom branches. Secure one end of the ribbon at the branch tip. Now, swag the ribbon towards the center of the next branch. This same spiral can also be done from the top of the tree. If the ribbon is heavy, you may have to attach it to the branches with glue, or you may use a simple paper clip. Twisting the ribbon can also add a pretty good effect to the getup.
Use 4 to 7 strands (levels/turns) of the ribbon if you want to put them in a spiral manner. Make sure you space the spiral strands evenly around the trees. While arranging it spirally, work your way from the top to the bottom, rather than the other way. One can also make small bows of ribbons and incorporate them with contrast-colored small light bulbs or other small Christmas ornaments, stars, and glitter balls.

Vertical ribbons is something that adds a great effect to the getup. However, one should not overuse the ribbon, just use 4-5 vertical columns. Attach them to the top of the tree, just at the treetop. After that, loop them down in a vertical manner while mildly twisting the ribbons. You can also twist two ribbons and intertwine them into one single column.